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Root Canals

With arguably the most infamous of reputations among the patient population, a root canal is a procedure that has made leaps in bounds in recent years regarding patient comfort and longevity. In fact, a root canal procedure in our office is the procedure that patient’s fall asleep during the most. This is a testament to the comfort that a root canal can offer and also to the undeserved reputation that this procedure has.

A root canal is simply a filling placed on the inside of the tooth once the pulp (or nerve) of the tooth has become infected with bacteria. This special filling material seals the inside of the tooth and makes it very difficult for bacteria to re-infect the tooth. After the root canal is done, we place a filling in the top part of the tooth and then cover over the entire tooth with a new enamel replacement that holds the tooth together and keeps it from fracturing (which it will do if not protected by the new enamel).