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Dental Discount Plans

Dental discount plans are very affordable but they are not the same as dental insurance. There is a premium (typically around $20 per month) and a network of dentists, but no claims, no exclusions and no yearly benefit maximums. The dentists who accept these plans have agreed to lower their fees for their patients who have paid their monthly premiums. This discount can range from 25% to well over 50% and offers those who cannot obtain dental insurance of any kind a more affordable option for dental care. Also, it is a lot easier to find a participating dentist than with a DHMO and, much like a PPO, if you decide to change offices, you can quickly and easily.


  • Low cost for monthly premiums
  • No exclusions
  • A larger network of participating dentists than a DHMO
  • Great for those who cannot get insurance through their employer


  • Slightly higher treatment costs than a PPO
  • Slightly smaller network of participating dentists compared to a PPO