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Our Microscope

With any precision work completed in a small space, visualization is the key to success.  An operating microscope is used by many medical specialties including otolaryngologists and neurosurgeons because of the high magnification of delicate structures that it provides.

Dental Operating Microscope

Being able to see these structures up close and personal enables the surgeons to operate with greater precision, accuracy and safety.

The use of an operating microscope in the dental field has been increasing steadily over the past decade.  The ability to see something as small as a crack in a tooth or a tiny cavity under high magnification is invaluable in recommending and performing conservative treatment.

Our microscope has 6 steps which means that it has 6 different "powers" or magnification levels.  It can magnify objects between 2.3 and 19 times their normal size. Imagine what this does for the treatment of a tooth that is only 1/4 to 1/3 of a square inch in size! Instead of having to work on a 1/4 inch tooth, we can work on a 4 or 6 inch tooth.  That means more comfort for you and more predictable dental care.

If you have any questions regarding our microscope, please call our office at 636-349-0070.  You can also watch the video below.