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Cavity Detection Software

What if there were a computer program that could look for cavities so small that they could be healed without having a filling placed?  Such a program exists and is revolutionizing they way we diagnose and treat dental diseases such as cavities. It works by detecting differences in how the x-rays bounce off the tooth.  It then uses that information to calculate the depth of a cavity to near pinpoint accuracy. If the scan shows an area in yellow, like in the illustration below, then the cavity is small enough to be reversed.

Cavity Scan - Before

Because the cavity is not large enough to have a filling placed, the patient was able to heal the tooth by flossing daily with a fluoridated floss. Notice in the illustration below how the scan reveals that there is no yellow at all and that the tooth is totally healthy again.

Cavity Scan - After

The illustration below is of a different patient and shows what the scan looks like when it finds a cavity that needs to be filled.  The red area shown is a cavity large enough to be filled.  This patient benefited from early detection and had his filling placed soon after he saw the scan results.

Cavity Detection Software - Red Scan

 Since we were able to catch the first patient's cavity early, she was spared the time and expense of having a filling placed.  With the second patient, we were able to place the filling while the cavity was still small and avoid things like tooth aches and abscesses.  

This software is an amazing tool that provides patients with a win-win scenario almost every time it is used.

If you'd like to have our teeth x-rayed and scanned, please call our office at 636-349-0070 and schedule an appointment and be sure to check out the Dental Minute below about this amazing software program.