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New Patients

If you've decided to visit our office for the first time, welcome!  You may have questions regarding your first visit at our office and what to expect during your time under our care.  We have assembled a few common questions below that may help.  Also, you can visit our FAQ's page for even more information.

In addition, you can meet Dr. Cooney and learn about his practice philosophies by watching his informative dental minute video series. This collection of short and informative videos is constantly enlarging so be sure to subscribe to his YouTube channel to stay updated.

After you've had a chance to explore our website you may still have questions.  Be sure to write as many of them down as possible and bring your list with you to your visit.  Dr. Cooney will do his best to answer each and every one.

  • Q: What happens at my first visit?
    • That all depends on what has brought you into the office. If you are looking to establish yourself with a new dentist and/or are due for a routine examination, then your first appointment will consist of a thorough exam where Dr. Cooney will make sure that any concerns about your teeth are addressed as well as addressing any concerns he has about your teeth. This initial appointment will take about an hour. If you are having pain in a tooth, then you will be scheduled for a shorter, problem focused examination where treatment will be discussed and performed if time and budget permit. Dr. Cooney will make every effort to get you out of pain at this appointment, even if treatment cannot be completed. His main goal is to remove the discomfort and get you back to functioning with a clear head and pain-free mouth.
  • Q: Will I get my teeth cleaned the day of my first appointment?
    • If you have no areas of your mouth suffering from gum disease, then your teeth will get cleaned during your initial appointment. However, it is important that our patients and our office are prepared for the appointment by having all insurance information, completed paperwork, and everything else listed on the new patient paperwork checklist. It is also important that we are able to spend your entire appointment time chairside discussing or performing treatment which is why we ask that our patient’s arrive on time or early for their appointments
  • Q: What if I am a new patient in pain?
    • Please call our office immediately. Most of the time, we can fit you in about as soon as it takes you to arrive. When you call, please inform the office staff if you have any of the following:
      • Severity of pain
      • Location of pain
      • Length of time you’ve been in pain
      • Swelling, if present
      • Presence of artificial heart valves and/or replacement joints
  • Q: What should I bring with me to my first appointment?
    • Please bring all items listed on the new patient paperwork checklist. In addition, please bring any dentures, partials, nightguards, splints, or anything else that you think Dr. Cooney may want to look at.